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I specialise in custom and edge-to-edge longarm quilting


Quilting 1 — Longarm Quilter in Johns River, NSW
I offer a variety of quilting services to complete your quilt top.
From simple all over designs, such as edge to edge and continuous pantographs of which I have an ever-increasing number of gorgeous designs.
Panto Plus - this is where the body of the quilt is quilted with a continuous design and the border is given its own separate treatment... very effective. The look of custom at a user-friendly price.
Light Custom - includes simple background fills, block motifs, pattern boards, sashing treatments and border treatments chosen to complement your quilt top.
Custom - may include stitch 'n' ditch, feathers, ruler work and x/hatching, designed with you, to produce a gorgeous quilt that is both special and unique.
Please consider WHO your quilt is for, as this will help determine an appropriate quilting design.
For instance, if your quilt is a 'utility' quilt and will be washed regularly. I would more than likely suggest an 'all over' design or pantograph, rather than finishing it with a custom treatment.
Some things to have in mind when we discuss your quilting needs may include some of the following:
  • Have you made your quilt for a child; teenager;male; female; special occasion; a family heirloom?
  • Is your quilt top a utility quilt? Has it been pieced; appliqued; embroidered; embellished?
  • Is your quilt top traditional; modern; a whole cloth?


Quilting 2 — Longarm Quilter in Johns River, NSW
My base price for simple edge-to-edge / continuous designs begins at $3.50 per sq. ft. and is quite simple to calculate.
72" x 72" = 5184"
5148 -:- 144 = 36
36 x 3.5 = 126
cost of quilting is - $ 126 . 00
The cost of quilting will be determined by the density and complexity of the quilting design and service required.
I am happy to discuss your requirements in person, by phone or email and quote quilting your needs.


Quilting 3 — Longarm Quilter in Johns River, NSW
Some basic GUIDELINES to follow to prepare your quilt top for quilting include:
  • Making sure your backing fabric and wadding is at least 8" larger than your quilt top eg. If your quilt top is 72" x 72" , then your backing and wadding should be at least 80" x 80".
  • Please DON'T pin baste your quilt
  • If your quilt top and / or backing is directional, PLEASE identify the top in an obvious manner.
  • Please remove stray threads and press your quilt top and seams well .....I really hate ironing
  • Please do NOT embellish your quilt with buttons, beading etc until after your quilt has been quilted.
  • Please note - borders that do not lay flat may cause pleats, tucks or fullness. It is highly recommended that you measure borders accurately to avoid this.
  • Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have further questions regarding quilt preparation. I can be contacted by phone on 0448 282517 or email me at admin@florabella.net.au